Connections in History

“As we stand at the forefront of our own frontiers, we invite you to help us take a preservation position of protecting history, honoring the legacies of our past and shedding a spotlight on our nation and its agricultural history…before generations removed from the family farm forget their ancestral roots .”   ~ Melody Dobson & Jody L. Lamp

Our goal through the Cultivation, Education and Preservation of the American DoorStop Project... is to share the stories that connect our nation through Agricultural Significance and to enhance our sense of community, which brings us closer together as a nation.

The American DoorStop Project preserves and protects the stories found in landmarks and landscapes we visit daily, but don't recognize through our present eyes. We are protecting the memories of people, places, and events honored in our nation that deserve our recognition and reverence. read more >

The American Doorstop Project will connect presenters, public speakers, educators, history buffs, docents and students with historical facts, events, stories and multi-media that give us insight to our country's beautiful heritage. Documentation will be available to support the oral histories that accurately recreate the timeline and events.

Development funds provide assistance for research and development, archive retrieval and conducting interviews with national, state and local historians, and community leaders. They will also connect supportive organizations, librarians, experts and family members who have a direct link to the historical story.


Only a few figurines of the iconic Black Stallion remain. To order and purchase a “Black Stallion” figurine, call Fred Roeser of the Hall County Historical Society at 308-384-2154.

Horsepower for the World – Remembering the GI Sale Barn
Giving horsepower to the war effort, central Nebraska once played a vital role on the battlefield and the farm. Now, history buffs are trying to draw attention to a forgotten piece of history - the world's largest horse sale. A… read more >

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