Nebraska Dry Bean Commission Supports American Doorstop Projectand Development of Nebraska Agriculture History Book

Preserving and Celebrating more than 90 Years of Dry Bean Production

SCOTTSBLUFF, NE – Oct. 19, 2016 – Dedicated to supporting agriculture education and literacy, the Nebraska Dry Bean Commission (NDBC) becomes the latest partner sponsor of the American Doorstop Project to support the efforts of co-founders and authors, Jody L. Lamp of Lamp Public Relations & Marketing and Melody Dobson, in putting a spotlight on Nebraska’s agriculture history and the state’s dry bean industry.

Nebraska’s dry bean producers consistently rank #1 and #2 in the United States for Great Northern and Pinto beans production, respectively. For nearly a century, the state’s North Platte Valley and High Plains Panhandle dry bean producers have planted, harvested and marketed some of the highest-quality dry edible beans in the world, says Courtney Schuler, chairwoman of the NDBC. The commission’s role is to advance Nebraska’s dry bean industry through research, promotion and education.

“A new focus for NDBC is to increase our promotional activities, so partnering with the American Doorstop Project on a book about Nebraska’s Agriculture History is great way to promote our industry and demonstrate how important Nebraska’s agriculture is to our state’s economy,” Schuler says. “Every generation, fewer individuals are directly related to agriculture, and it’s critical for us to continue to tell our story.”

With a working title of “A History of Nebraska Agriculture: 150 Years of Working the Land,” the Nebraska book is part of a series of agriculture history books published by The History Press with an expected printing of Spring 2017. The book’s debut and events will coincide with community celebrations and state festivities planned for the Nebraska 150th Sesquicentennial.

The Nebraska Dry Bean Commission joins other American Doorstop Project partner sponsors, including Aurora Cooperative, Nebraska Hereford Association, Hall County Historical Society, Lockwood Foundation, Kelley Bean Company, North Platte NRD and 21st Century Equipment.

Established in 1987, the Nebraska Dry Bean Commission currently participates in industry promotions that celebrate dry beans during the 2016 International Year of the Pulses campaign. Schuler says the commission continually looks for opportunities to increase public awareness and educate consumers about dry bean’s nutrient dense benefits as a low fat, high-fiber, and protein dietary addition.

“Although current USDA crop reports estimate 2016 production numbers to be down from 2015, dry beans will continue to be a significant rotational crop in our region for irrigation management, soil fertility, pest management and market volatility,” Schuler notes. “And our producer’s dry beans will be sought out by customers worldwide because of their consistent superior quality.”

Funding from NDBC and other collaborative partners allows the American Doorstop Project co- founders and authors to elaborate each story within the agriculture history books and further advocacy and education efforts through integrated social media, national and community engagement events, signage, and oral history narratives that will be featured on the website. The Montana History Foundation serves as the fiscal sponsor for American Doorstop Project, allowing all philanthropists, individual donors, institutions, corporations and grantors, within and outside Montana, a tax-deductible benefit for their contributions towards the project.

To learn more about the American Doorstop Project and to find out about how you can make a tax- deductible financial contribution, visit the website. To learn more about sponsorship packages, media interviews, speaking appearances, call Jody L. Lamp, at (406) 698-9675 or by email


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About American Doorstop Project:

The American Doorstop Project is a joint-venture agriculture advocacy collaboration between co-founders and authors, Melody Dobson and Jody Lamp. The project preserves and promotes historical stories through the identification formula of the Space, Place, Invention, Commodity or Event, and the People that have shaped our country over the past hundreds of years. American Doorstop Project features a collection of stories that were instrumental in shaping America’s agricultural roots and had they not happened, America, as we know it, would be different than it is today. The partners have teamed up with The History Press to launch a series of agricultural history books beginning with “A History of Nebraska Agriculture:

150 Years of Working the Land,” to debut in Spring 2017.

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