Partner & Sponsorship Levels

The American Doorstop Project

Preservation through Philanthropy

Partner & Sponsorship Levels

Patriot Partner ($50,000)

Stewardship Partner ($25,000)

Lasting Legacy Sponsor ($15,000)

Chautauqua Heritage Sponsor ($10,000)

Agrarian Ambassador Sponsor ($5,000)

Pioneer Sponsor ($0 – $5,000)

American Doorstop Project Partners and Sponsors are historic stewards who commit their resources for preservation support.

  • Development funds provide for the expenses related to securing;
  • Research and Development
  • Archive Retrieval
  • Collecting and Conducting Interviews with
    • National, State and Local Historians
    • Community Leaders and Organizations
    • Librarians
    • Experts
  • Connecting family members who have a direct link to the historical story and have the ability to support documentation and oral histories that accurately recreate the timeline and events.

Partnerships and Sponsorships inspire

  • American Doorstop Project’s scope and focus of American Agriculture through the Agrarian Discipline; our nation’s principle and founding industry.
  • Research of events, archaeological disciplines and narratives to understand the historical development.
  • Philanthropy through commitment for preservation management. They desire accurate documentation be shared publicly through creative formats.
  • Funding insures project timelines and objectives are met and commemoration is realized for the importance of their historical contribution.

Partnerships and Sponsorships develop

  • Document production for the American Doorstop Project’s story line.
  • Design visuals and displays to share forgotten historical facts and events.
  • Provide and assist in Interpretive Display Management.
  • Create timely and necessary commemorative materials for community and national distribution for strategic events.
  • Add new accurate research for historical preservation and archives.